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Jake, Josh & March for Babies 2011


Dear Jake & Josh fans,


We are late in sending our annual email, but with good reason: Zac’s bar mitzvah was the final week in February (he was awesome!), followed by a trip to North Carolina for Jake & Josh to design the paint scheme on a NASCAR on behalf of the March of Dimes.


That’s right – a real race car that will soon be going nearly 200 mph.


Here’s the quick explanation: FedEx is the major sponsor for the No. 11 car owned by Joe Gibbs Racing and driven by Denny Hamlin. Each FedEx entity has several weeks in which they control the car’s design. For the fourth straight year, FedEx Office donated one of its weeks to the March of Dimes. And, for the first time, they all decided to bring in some MOD beneficiaries as creative consultants. Folks in the national office thought of us and were kind enough to send all five of us to Charlotte. The hosts couldn’t have been nicer, and the boys were totally into it. They got along great with the designer and, especially, Denny. They drew right on the car - and autographed it, too. The design team will incorporate the boys’ ideas and drawings, as well as their own touches. And, get this – the car will be unveiled when it rolls off the truck at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth on Thursday, April 7, and will be in action for the race here that Saturday night. Denny also happens to have won both races at TMS last year.


The NASCAR tie-in with the March of Dimes actually is to promote this year’s March for Babies event, which of course is the main reason for this email.


Our Aron Family Team will be walking in Dallas the morning of Saturday, April 16. We’ve raised $40,362 since we got cranked up in 2005, and we look forward to hiking the total again. We also would love to see you join us for the stroll around White Rock Lake - you can make it a 1-mile, 2-mile or 5-mile walk. For donations and/or walk details, click on


As for Jake &Josh … everything is terrific. They are in 2nd grade and as healthy as any other nearly-9-year-old. Josh is taking piano lessons and Jake is counting the days til he’s eligible to try out for “American Idol.” You’d never suspect that they came into this world weighing only 1 pound, 2 ounces, and were supposed to have a miserable quality of life - if they ever even made it home from the hospital.  (


We often say we owe the March of Dimes a debt we can never repay. Here’s hoping our walking, fundraising and even NASCAR-painting leads to other families enjoying the same happiness we have.



Lori, Jaime, Zac, Jake & Josh



PS - For Zac’s bar mitzvah, he started an organization called “Tunes for Sick Teens,” to provide iPod Touch devices to sick, needy kids who are stuck in a hospital for long stretches. He’s already helped three kids! Best of all, donations can come in the form of old iPods or other electronics you might have gathering dust or in a drawer somewhere. Follow this link to the “How to help” page on his website: (You can follow us on Facebook, too.)