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Jake, Josh & March for Babies

Dear Jake & Josh fans,

No, you didn't drop off our distribution list, and our support of the March of Dimes hasn't waned.

We've just been so darn busy keeping up with these guys that our annual update email – and donation request – has been delayed.

In fact, the walk is just two weeks from this weekend! Specifically, it’s Saturday, April 20, at 9 a.m., at the usual site near White Rock Lake. (Click here for our Aron Family Team donations/signup page.)

Before delving into the latest details about your favorite 23-weekers, let's talk about the other purpose of this email – bragging about the organization we know made our happy story possible, which also happens to be celebrating its 75-year anniversary (and remains the only health organization to fulfill its mission – wiping out polio, of course – before moving to other aims).

The March of Dimes’ current mission is pretty simple: making sure all babies are born healthy babies. No matter your stance on same-sex marriage, gun control or who will win the American League West, the one notion we can all agree on is that every baby should be born healthy.

Way too many aren't, though – such as those who arrive way too early, like Jake and Josh.

As our boys approach their 11th birthday, it's hard to say what is more amazing: their progress or the advancements in fighting prematurity. There's plenty more to be done, but we know the March of Dimes is leading the way.

We're also proud of the work being done at Medical City, where Jake and Josh spent the first seven months of their lives. So, this year, we are making our Aron Family Team part of the hospital's team. All this really means is that if you’re able to join us at the walk – and we hope you do! – then you will find us at the Medical City tent before and after the event. (Need that link again? Click here.)

Now, about that update …

The boys are in 4th grade, continuing to thrive medically while diverging in their personalities. The teacher in their reading class is amazed that in a classroom of only six kids, you'd never know they are brothers, much less twins … and this is the second straight year she’s said this!

Both are endlessly fascinated with a variety of things, including sports. They just enjoyed their first basketball season with their schoolmates, and are gearing up for another season of baseball. They began playing in a kid-pitch league in the fall and both took turns on the mound (Jake's a lefty, Josh a righty); we even had one game where Jake pitched while Josh played catcher.

Not to be forgotten, big bro Zac just turned 15 and is off to his best season yet in baseball. He’s also into skateboarding and ready to start driving.

Another highlight over the last year was telling our story on the local ABC affiliate. That link will take you to the videos posted on our website, which was offline for a few months but is up and running again.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your love and support over the years and thanks in advance for anything you can do to help support the March of Dimes. (Yep, here’s the link again.)

Lori, Jaime, Zac, Jake & Josh