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From the in-vitro doctor who helped us get pregnant to the OB/Gyn who treated Lori to the phenomenal folks at the NICU, we are forever indebted to all the caregivers from Medical City Hospital
Zachary still includes in his nightly prayers "Jake, Josh and all their doctors, nurses and friends."
We wouldn't have made it this far without those doctors and nurses, and we're constantly thinking about the "friends" -- those that are NICU alums like Jake & Josh, as well as those who weren't as fortunate.
Although the building has changed a lot since we "lived" there, we enjoy going back to see the folks we still know in the NICU. We visit every May to deliver them treats on Jake & Josh's birthday and are regulars at the summer reunions.

From our visit on May 11, 2004 (J&J's 2nd birthday),
a snapshot with Dr. Eileen Milvenan, who delivered the boys.

From the 2005 NICU Reunion,
here are Lori and the boys with Dr. Clair Schwendenman,
the head of the NICU and the doctor we dealt with the most.

 Because we always visit the day shift, but had friends on the night shift, too,
we made a special trip at night on July 22, 2004, to visit Jeff & Julie

A group shot during our May 11, 2005 visit for J&J's 3rd birthday.
(Zac is especially excited because one of the nurses just pulled one of his teeth!)

Two group shots from our visit Nov. 9, 2007,
when we delivered materials